The MCAP T&TA Team

The MCAP team of professionals consist of experts across the region with proven experience in Community Action planning, training, and areas of compliance. Our team possess years of experience and have worked with numerous Community Action Agencies across the United States.

Foundation Management

  •  Practice proactive grant making
  •  Establish complete grant acceptance and review processes
  •  Develop policies and procedures
  •  Conduct due diligence on behalf of nonprofit organizations
  •  Annual Report
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  Completion of Community Action Plan (CAP)
  •  Fundraising Plan
  •  Marketing and Branding Plan
  •  Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)
  •  Organizational Standards Compliance

Resource Development and Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations

  •  Leadership development including mentoring and coaching development for staff and executive staff
  •  Fundraising assessments, development audits, fund development plans and planning studies
  •  Strategic thinking and implementation plan involving individual and corporate solicitation strategies

Training & Education Workshops

  •  Leadership/Management Training
  •  Case Management/Customer Service/ High Performing Teams
  •  Soft Skills for Community Action Professionals Training
  •  Family Self Sufficiency
  •  Governance Training
  •  Board Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Building the Board for Fundraising
  •  ROMA Training for Boards and Staff
  •  New Board Member Orientation Curriculum
  •  Strategic Marketing and Branding
  •  Sustainability, Strategic planning, Fund Development and Marketing Plans
  •  Grant Writing and Research
  •  Navigating Support from Corporations and Foundations
  •  Succession Planning
  •  Building a Diverse Revenue Portfolio
  •  Marketing for Fundraising
  •  Strategic Thinking for Non-Executives
  •  Performance Management and Capacity Training
  •  Collective Impact

Community Engagement

  •  Develop community engagement strategies and programs that support strategic philanthropy
  •  Establish leadership and structure for employee volunteer programs
  •  Customer Satisfaction Policy and Surveys

Nonprofit Governance, Strategic Planning, Management & Succession Planning

  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Succession Planning for CEO and Board Leadership
  •  CEO Evaluation
  •  Executive Searches First item
  •  Board Development and Board Governance-Certified Trainer Through Board Source
  •  Facilitate Meetings, Trainings, and Team Activities
  •  Organizational Capacity Assessments (review of internal capabilities of organization)

Request for Training and Technical Assistance